Thursday, August 13, 2020

Biden-Harris Are Bad On Everything, But At Least...

...they seem to want to distance themselves from the worst of the Democratic lefties.

Mr. Universal Basic Income (aka Pay the Masses Not to Work) Andrew Yang is bellyaching because he wasn't given a speaking slot at next week's Democratic Convention:

And AOC is being given, LOL,  just 60 seconds to deliver a pre-recorded message at the convention next week.

Biden-Harris is the despicable Democratic establishment in charge.

The repulsive Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will give a live virtual speech.

It is the rape America wing of the Democratic Party in charge, not the turn America into the new Soviet Union wing.


The noisy one is in:


  1. As proof that masking is virtue-signaling writ large, Yang has a friggin' mask on his Twitter picture? Just in case people weren't sure that this type of person wouldn't be masked up. Or maybe The Science now suggests that the virus can be transmitted virtually, over WiFi.

  2. Jimmy Dore does a stand up job going after the Biden/Harris ticket from the left.