Monday, August 3, 2020

An Open Letter to Ellen Degeneres on How to Deal With the Cancel Culture

Ellen DeGeneres
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Warner Bros.
Burbank, California

Dear Ellen,

I see the cancel crowd is after you.

Bernadette Giacomazzo, whose work has appeared in Teen Vogue, People, Us Weekly, The Source, XXL, HipHopDX, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Post,, and more, writes:
[T]his newfound hatred of Ellen DeGeneres is well earned.

Her employees have been “distressed and outraged” over her poor treatment of them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her bodyguard has called her “dehumanizing.”...

The public’s opinion of Ellen DeGeneres has dropped significantly after her abhorrent behavior became public knowledge. Her failure to realize that she’s no longer welcome is only proof positive that she’s just as bad — if not worse — than her critics say she is.
The New York Post reports:
 A black woman working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show said she repeatedly dealt with racist comments and microaggressions in yet another damning story relating to the comedian.

The former employee was among 11 mostly former staffers who detailed horror stories from the “toxic” work environment at the show in a Buzzfeed article Thursday, pulling the curtain back on the cheery comedic host.

The woman, who the outlet didn’t identify by name, said she dealt with racism throughout her year-and-a-half tenure on the show.

When she was hired, she said a senior-level producer told her and another black employee, “Oh wow, you both have box braids; I hope we don’t get you confused.”

And one of the main writers at a work party allegedly told her, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here,” while her coworkers “awkwardly laughed it off,” she said.
Poor employees. Before they started working for you, they would have killed to get the job but now they are upset you didn't spend time hugging them after the show and policing every joke in the office.

Now the cancel culture has gotten wind of this upset and you are a target.

Don't say those of us who follow the radical left didn't warn all you elite lefties.

Critical Theory, Black Lives Matter, Safe Spaces and Social Justice are all about cultural Marxism and that in turn is about gaining power. Mao, Lenin and Stalin showed that all Marxism is about eventually taking out anyone who is a threat in any way.

On the orders of Stalin, Leon Trotsky, one of the seven members of the first Politburo, was assassinated in 1940 in Mexico City, with an ice pick to the head.

Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev, two who were at one time the most prominent party leaders, were tried and executed on orders of Stalin.

Yevgeni Preobrazhensky, a  member of the governing Central Committee, was arrested and shot on the order of Stalin.

Ivar Smilga, also a  member of the governing Central Committee, was also arrested and shot on a Stalin order.

To name but a few close to power that were eliminated.

The Noble prize winner Freidrich Hayek wrote The Road to Serfdom between 1940 and 1943 (published 1944) in the middle-to-late years of Stalin's reign. It was also toward the end of Hitler's regime. Most think of Hayek's work as a theoretical argument but it was also, and few get this, an explanation for what he saw going on around him.

Chapter 10 of the book, "Why The Worst Get On The Top" was not an accident.

From the chapter:
The positions in a totalitarian society in which it is necessary to practice cruelty and intimidation...are numerous.
The cancel culture is an early stage step in the direction of totalitarianism, you are an early-stage target.

 Andrew A. Michta writes in The Wall Street Journal:
Why do American elites, who might be expected to favor preserving the nation that has elevated them, support the effort to dismantle it? Their thinking seems to be that the radicals destroying monuments and issuing wholesale denunciations of America’s past are wreaking destruction on ordinary Americans and their history, not on the elites and their ideology. Today’s elites as a rule do not believe they have any obligation to serve the public, only to rule it, and so they express little or no disapproval of college students toppling statues on federal land or looters raiding supermarkets. To criticize them would open elites to the charges of “populism” and “racism.”

Yet the elites are playing a dangerous game. Such “canceling”—of historical and living figures alike—increasingly mirrors what happened under communism in the Soviet bloc, where the accusation of being out of step with the party was enough to end one’s career and nullify one’s reputation...
American society is faced with a stark binary choice. Either we push back against the unrelenting assault of the neo-Marxist narrative, or we yield to the totalitarian impulse now in full view in our politics. 
Ellen, right now you are at the epicenter. Apologizing to these mad Marxists will only be seen by then as a sign of weakness.

Your "friends," who are not yet targets, are abandoning you.

The best choice you have is to fight these bastards and join the resistance.

Turn your show into the epicenter for a discussion of what really is going on. Your phony friends, who have abandoned you, will think you have gone nuts but they will watch your show as probably a huge chunk of America will, just to see what you have to say and who you bring on as guests.

Ellen, I say let it rip. 

Here is a list of people I would recommend you bring on the show. They know what is going on and are not afraid of the cancel culture. With some, I don't agree with everything they say but all of them will get more right than wrong and they will make your show the most popular ever---and you will be able to smash those coming for you:

William Anderson
Dominick Armentano
Frank Barnes
Tho Bishop
Walter Block
Peter Boettke
Donald Boudreaux
James Bovard
Doug Casey
Karen DeCoster
Jeff Deist
Thomas DiLorenzo
Adam Dick
Richard Ebeling
Michael Edelstein
Paul Gottfried
Robert Higgs
Martin Hill
Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Jacob Hornberger
Peter Klein
Karen Kwiatkowski
James Lindsay
Phil Magness
Yuri Maltsev
Daniel McAdams
Brion McClanahan
Ryan McMaken
Ilana Mercer
Jonathan Newman
Gary North
James Ostrowski
Ron Paul
Mark Perry
Tim Pool
Jon Rappoport
George Reisman
Lew Rockwell
Chris Rossini
Michael Rozeff
Luke Rudkowski
Murray Sabrin
Joseph Salerno
Bretigne Shaffer
Dave Smith 
David Stockman
Mark Thornton
Laurence Vance
Victor Ward
Bret Weinstein
Eric Weinstein
John Whitehead
Tom Woods

and you can add me to the list.

Ellen, these guests will blow up the heads of your enemies. You will gain audience galore. You will go down in history as facing the cancel culture head-on.

It's your choice, you can get canceled and marched off to the Hollywood Gulag where everyone shuns you or you can fight back.

It is all up to you. Do you make global history or just become a small despised dot in entertainment history?

Sincerely yours,

Robert Wenzel
Editor & Publisher
San Francisco, CA


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    If you think this doesn't go against our Community Standards let us know.

    Since the LD madness started I have been posting responses to posts on social media to contrast the insanity. I received the above after posting the following response to a number of Facebook post about the DeGeneres issue:

    “Apologizing to these mad Marxists will only be seen as a sign of weakness by them.”

    “The cancel culture is an early stage step in the direction of totalitarianism, you are an early-stage target.”

  2. There will come a time when - if you arent a card carrying member of the Idiocracy - you will have to make a stand and decry the Cancel Culture or it will result in the Socialist Totalitarianism that the idiots so deeply desire.