Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Aggressive Mask Nazis Across America

Things are getting crazed across America. I have already reported on some of my mad encounters when not wearing a mask. Now this stuff.

The mask Nazis are everywhere.

Murray Sabrin reports in an email from Fort Lee, NJ:
Florence and I were walking back to our co-op this evening when a woman who had already passed us in a mask in front of the building turned, approached us and made a large coughing sound screaming "wear a mask".  We both were not wearing a mask. 

We walked into the lobby (wearing our masks as per the Board's mandate) and asked the front door men who she was.  We then walked out to where the confrontation took place and saw her again and she started screaming at us...again for not wearing a mask.  I let her know in no uncertain terms what I thought of her.  We followed her into the lobby and she refused to tell one of the doormen where she was going.  The doorman concluded she was visiting a shareholder on the 27th floor. He said he would "take care of it."

 I hope the co-op management bans her from the building.  Unfortunately, we did not use our Iphone to video the confrontation. 
This is the society public officials have created, people berating us for wanting to get fresh air.

This occurred somewhere in America:
And this happened in Manhattan Beach, California.

A woman throws hot coffee at a man because he wasn't wearing a mask. Madness ensues, the guy beats up the girl's boyfriend:


Tomorrow I have up a long post coming where I will discuss the madness and why the Resistance Against Masks (RAM) is important.


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