Friday, July 31, 2020

With Mini-Maos Everywhere and Their Getting More Aggressive...

...this is what you need to carry.

In response to, The Masked Crowd is Getting Super-Aggressive in the People's Republic of San Francisco and the Surrounding Area, Martin Hill emails:
LOL. Quite a lunatic there . I suggest since you're in CA & it's difficult to get a concealed carry permit, to buy Sabre brand 3-in-1.  You can buy it at Big5 for 10 bucks.

it contains pepper spray, cs tear gas & red dye. 100% legal in CA unless you're a felon. No permit required to carry or use in self defense . I've actually used it once & believe me, it works.

What happened was I was at a convenience store many years ago in the middle of the night getting a drink & all of the sudden,  a very tall black guy began to scuffle with a short pudgy Hispanic security guard, who had accused the black guy of trying to steal some sandwiches.

 This was not my concern in the least, so I simply ignored it & proceeded to the checkout lane.

But the scuffle escalated into a fight & the black guy was seriously starting to get the best of the guard. It was getting very violent & they were knocking displays over, etc. I saw the black guy then reached into his pocket  & that's when I thought 'enough of this shit,' & I sprayed the guy in the face.

Wow. Like I said, this stuff works, LOL. The guy immediately pleased with me "OKAY, OKAY, OKAY!" & he surrendered to the guard,  who called the police. The funniest part to me was the look of complete & utter shock  that both parties had on their faces. No one said a word to me, both of them simply stared in shock.

The guard told me thanks & I went to the restroom to wash my hands & exit stage right, before the cops arrived.

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