Saturday, July 25, 2020

White Dudes on the Side of Black Lives Matter

Hey dudes,

Study Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

You are useful idiots, you are not on "their side."

The clowns on the street are not on "their side."

This is about power grabs and only a very few survive the battle unscathed.



  1. If you're wearing the wrong uniform they don't want you on their side.

  2. Bryan Caplan wrote an essay on "The Mensheviks' Critique of Bolshevism and the Bolshevik State."
    It's here -
    Most people (usually themselves social democrat / "liberal" in orientation) who review the period have nice words to say for the Mensheviks. Basically "I'm sorry your former friends killed you, better luck next time."

    Caplan's final paragraphs seem to apply as equally to the Mensheviks on revolutionary Russia as to the 'left liberal' useful idiots egging on the marxists today...

    "....Neither the Soviet Union nor anyone else needs
    a less bad form of Marxism. The political principles of Marx, especially
    his theory of class war and his attack on "bourgeois freedom," are the
    foundation upon which the Soviet state stands, with all its
    unspeakable cruelty and violence. Democratic apologists for Marx
    could certainly refuse to follow their ideology to its logical implication.
    But a true regeneration of a society requires not that they renounce all
    "ideals" as impossible or dangerous, but they adopt new ideals which
    are practical as well. I would suggest that the citizens of the USSR
    have a direct interest in rejecting the ideals of Marxism and embracing
    those of classical liberalism: individual freedom, private property, free
    markets, civil liberties for everyone, and the rule of law.

    Of the Mensheviks themselves, my overall evaluation is very negative.
    They were better than the Bolsheviks, but shared their fundamental
    errors. They never bothered to consider philosophic, economic, or
    political criticism from outside the confines of Marxism, and despite
    occasional protests to the contrary, they usually accepted Marx's
    writings as a direct revelation of absolute truth beyond testing or
    refutation. How could anything but disaster follow from this method of
    thinking about the world?

    One of Trotsky's critics found in him a fault that could just as easily
    describe any of the Russian Marxists: "He was an intellectual who
    never asked himself such a simple question as: 'What reason do I
    have to believe that the economic condition of workers under
    socialism will be better than under capitalism?'" This, I think, is the
    most damning fact of all..."

  3. Bloody wiggers...maybe now you will start to learn.