Friday, July 24, 2020

VIDEOS: Entries Into Wal-Mart Without Masks writes:

As most everyone knows, Wal-Mart began a face mask policy on July 20, even posting security guards or 'mask monitors' at their entrance doors. The corporate media outlets tell the gullible public that everyone must wear masks at Wal-Mart or they won't be allowed in.

But is that true?





  1. A friend of mine got a copy of a letter that Walmart sent to their Walmart “ambassadors” and it clearly states to let people know they should wear a mask, and if the customer refuses, “no further action is needed, thank them for shopping at Walmart”, and let them in. It’s hard I guess for even Walmart to turn down money.

  2. Hah so that is funny. I live in Virginia. We have a mask mandate and near 100% compliance in our area.

    My move is to leave my mask in my pocket just in case. But I always try to walk in without it. I have only been stopped at medical facilities. Then I just play dumb.

    I also make it a point of leaving an extra button on my collared shirt open (i generally always wear a button down unless I am working out) and my amazing chest hair showing. It seems to keep them from approaching me. Chest hair seems to be intimidating.

    I also pay absolutely no attention to anyone's looks. Ever. As Miyamoto Musashi wrote, "have a combat posture in every day life, and an everday one in combat."

    But also, Musashi would not fit in well in today's society.