Friday, July 3, 2020

Tomorrow Should Be the Day

Roger Stone
Roger Stone has been ordered to report to prison in just 11 days.

President Trump should pardon him on Saturday in the middle of this Independence Day weekend. It is the decent thing to do for Stone and the republic.

Stone has been a loyal soldier to Trump. He has never once said a negative word though under enormous pressure from the anti-Trump establishment to do so.

And It should not be forgotten by Trump that it is the establishment crowd, that is going after Trump, that is also going after Stone.

Stone has been courageous in fighting the anti-freedom establishment.

He is fearless.

This is just some of his track record in going up against the ruling elite:
No one can match this. Bush, Clinton---Stone has taken them all on.

By pardoning Stone, Trump can stick it to the establishment once more and signal to the world that he is not done.

As John Wayne once said, “When you stop fighting, that’s death.”

Trump should not stop fighting now. Of all days, a day on Independence weekend would hit the sweet spot. He should send a roundhouse punch right into the face of the crooked, dishonest, weak establishment and pardon Roger Stone.



  1. I like this sentiment. Stone did nothing wrong. I thought it was great that Trump pardoned Milken and that Arizona Sheriff that did a proper job of keeping the inmates in line.

  2. Roger Stone is a dirty man. He was convicted in a fair trial. An easy task for the jury, since his lies under oath were very obvious. He got what he deserved. And Trump should forget about him and let him spend his 3 years in prison. Your continued advocacy on his behalf shows that there's something wrong with you.