Monday, July 13, 2020

Thomas Sowell: It’s the ‘Point of No Return’ If Biden Gets Elected

This is noteworthy.

I don't recall Thomas Sowell ever before discussing an upcoming election.

And then there is this:


 Of course, from my perspective, I would prefer private-sector police, but eliminating all police is not moving in that direction. It is the goal of those who want to destroy civilization.



  1. What over dramatic nonsense. America is already in MASSIVE trouble. The Fed (and most world central banks) are destroying the economies. The federal deficit is TOTALLY out of control. And both parties are to blame.
    America and the western world are on a death ride to macroeconomic implosion due to giant debt and eventual inflation.
    What is going on now - the COVID-19 crap, progressivism, extreme PC and the BLM nonsense - is just a sideshow. It's NOTHING.
    What matters is how America handles herself when the economy finally implodes due to debt? And that will not be for at least 5-10 years probably.
    That will determine America's future.
    Not what two absolute jokes called the Democrats and the Republicans due in the interim.
    Anyone who thinks this upcoming election is 'critical' has NO IDEA what they are talking about.

  2. I will put it even simpler. America's troubles are not the children in the Dem and Rep parties. Or the ridiculous BLM idiots. It is the Federal Reserve. That is the number one problem America faces.
    Dr. Ron Paul explains it so well in his latest Op-ed.

  3. Conservatives are retards. Without a police state it would be a simple matter to deal with the commies. Without a police state to seize control of, the commies aren't much of a threat.

    Suppose tomorrow all the commies evaporated..... what do we do about the police state? All these crusty old conservatives play act at holding back the Dismal Tide by snapping at the skateboarding punks to get off their lawn.... what about the actual jack booted thugs who can actually kick in your door and drag you away?

    That St. Louis couple who pointed their guns at the mob only to be disarmed by the cops summed it up perfectly. Imagine how shocked they must have been when the cops came and took their guns. What a bunch of dumb schmucks.

    1. Somebody posted a picture and caption a while back. The picture was of a young woman in a street action getting clubbed by a cop.
      The caption was:
      Her:"I want the government to fix it".
      Cop: "I AM the government, bitch"