Sunday, July 26, 2020

"The System Must Be Overthrown"

The above clip is interesting for two reasons.

The protester with the megaphone is just shouting mindless slogans that could never stand up in a debate. No wonder they are against debate.

But most telling is the sign behind her which says: "The system can not be reformed. It must be overthrown."

This is the real goal of the Marxists deep behind the protests, riots and black lives movement. The protesters themselves are just useful idiots.

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  1. Bob -

    Ease up.

    This is the vanguard of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (see the RevCom.US links on the banner behind the megaphone).

    Since REVCOM is a synthesis of Marxist/Leninist and Maoist ideology, both the workers AND the peasants will be emancipated. Utopia! That another 100 million may die is just a consequence of the dawning of a new epoch.

    Most importantly, REVCOM already has a cult of personality around its leader, Bob Avakian. So most of the key conditions are in place: a revolutionary ideology, glorious leader, and a vanguard.

    It is all good. What could possibly go wrong?

    Note: The Bolshevik League of the United States thought differently of Bob, calling him a fascist. But their reactionary comments will be swiftly addressed with once Bob attains power

    "Avakian is a leader all right, but not of the working class. His petty bourgeois and lumpen brigade is vying with CWP for leadership of the social-fascist trend. All these social-fascist groups have nothing in common with communism, and are only social props for the bourgeoisie that must be swept away along with their ruling class masters by the revolutionary proletariat." (Bolshevik League of the United States, Bob Avakian: ’The Jerk’ Is Loose!)