Friday, July 10, 2020

The Heroic Mr. Jones: Why Have We Never Heard of Him Before?

Peter Sarsgaard as Walter Duranty in Mr. Jones.
I have already placed a notice about the film"Mr. Jones," here at Target Liberty (see The Holodomor: Exposing What Stalin Did to Ukraine) and remarked that it appeared impressive.

Since then I have seen the film, available on Prime Video, and I have to second what Don Boudreaux has written about it:
How can I have spent 43 years immersed in the literature of liberalism and have never heard, until just a few days ago, of the heroic Gareth Jones? Jones (1905-1935) is the man who exposed the lies that New York Times reporter – and Pulitzer Prize-winner – Walter Duranty spewed to cover-up the Ukrainian mass murder carried out in the 1930s by Stalin.
A few days ago I watched the 2019 movie Mr. Jones. It is spectacular, if deeply grim – grim as it must be to tell the terrible truth that it tells.

 Here’s the final paragraph of Kyle Smith’s review of this remarkable film: Back in Moscow, Duranty shrugs at all this: 
“You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs,” he says, speaking for all of the genocidal murderers who viewed people as brunch. Duranty really did publish this grotesque cliche (already in common use at the time) in the March 31, 1933, edition of the Times. He and Mr. Jones faced two very different fates after the events depicted in this film; one of them was murdered in 1935 and the other died in Orlando, Fla., at a ripe old age. You can probably guess which is which. To this day, Mr. Jones is all but unknown and his courage is unsung by his inky heirs, whereas Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize remains on the books even after a thousand other things have been canceled. Meanwhile, Mr. Jones joins the unconscionably brief list of brutally honest films about Communism.
The New York Times columnist Walter Duranty reported from Stalin's Soviet Union and reported regular lies about how wonderful everything was under communism. He even received the Pulitzer Prize for his lies. Jones told the truth about the Holodomor. This film is that story and more.

Kyle Smith again:
The genius move of this scathing and suspenseful film by Poland’s Agnieszka Holland (who was once arrested by the Soviets, during the Prague Spring) is in whom it selects to be the menacing, dead-eyed apparatchik with a cold determination to search out and destroy any threats to the regime: He is none other than Walter Duranty, the New York Times’s man in Moscow, or rather Moscow’s man at the New York Times. Duranty is portrayed by one of the screen’s true masters of all things snaky and slimy, Peter Sarsgaard. Sarsgaard, Holland, and screenwriter Andrea Chalupa perform such a vicious act of celluloid vivisection on Duranty that Mr. Jones may restore your faith in movies.
Duranty, the one-legged Anglo-American granddaddy of fake news, was, as the film makes vividly clear, not a lazy hack who stuck with a comfy narrative because it was the easiest thing to do (like most journos) or a cynic who thinks all sides stand equal in their sins (like many other journos)...He was, rather, an active and fervent defender of an evil regime and consequently a deeply evil man himself
This film will want to make you fight the cancel culture and lefty propagandists even more, before it is too late. The useful idiots must be turned away from the advocacy of central planning. This film shows you what will happen if the advance of the modern-day Marxists is not stopped.

It is available on Amazon.



  1. The ignorance about world history is strong in good ole' US. What's next? Learning the name of a Jew who ordered and personally supervised extermination of over 7 million Christians? Yep, that really happened, and is a completely uncontested historical fact. (My ancestor family members were victims, too.) Now, a little history quiz: what was his name?

  2. On the subject of Stalin turning the entire USSR into one big Auschwitz, I strongly recommend this book "The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia" from 2009
    by Tim Tzouliadis. A few years ago, the used price was around $1. I bought the hardcover when it came out and just bought the Kindle version so I can grab quotes. Endless horrors and endless hiding of the truth in the west by the commies and everyone else too. Many of Europe's hipster leftists moved there to live in paradise. Stalin killed them all too.

  3. I also enjoyed this film "Child 44" from 2015 which bombed at the box office. Tom Hardy plays a Soviet cop hunting a serial killer but it's a thoughtcrime to admit there is still murder in the socialist paradise. It has the same bleakness, but with a true crime story. Noomi Rapace of the original Swedish "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" plays his wife.