Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The End of America?

Below is a very important discussion between John McWhorter and Bret Weinstein (9 minutes and 49 seconds).

Weinstein presents the worst-case scenario as to what could happen to America and unfortunately, it can't be ruled out.

That said, as I have pointed out before, I am too steeped in Austrian school methodology and know there are too many moving parts to be able to forecast accurately how things will turn out BUT, right now, it doesn't look good.

They are keeping their heads down but I suspect some Marxists have infiltrated the Biden inner circle, which of course is not good at all.

With Trump, we have someone who has no sense of history and no guiding political philosophy. Further, he does not have the savvy to properly counter the attacks from the radical left. He is in way over his head.

The best-case scenario might be that we somehow lumber through the next four years and that fuels an anti-leftist backlash and Tucker Carlson, or someone like him, emerges out of the darkness.

Carlson is terrible on trade but he is fearless in standing up to the social justice wokist crowd and that is what we need right now. He is a great communicator and is probably our long-term best hope of saving civilization from the destruction crowd.




  1. Our future depends on Tucker Carlson? Heh be prepared to evacuate the ship, ladies and gents...


    1. If he goes back to wearing the bow tie, then I'm in.

  2. RW certainly knows how to stimulate discussion. The video reminds me of a statement that Isabel Paterson (Ayn Rands American Mentor) presented through a character in one of her novels:

    “I know, Philosophy is a game, it isn’t a remedy. It has nothing to do with life; it is all a vain attempt to put the ocean into a thimble-the universe into the brain of man. To confront life armed with philosophy is like arguing with a ravenous tiger. One has to act; philosophy is your game of golf after the day’s work.”

    And so I agree with The Contractor, Tucker Carlson will not be our "best hope" for saving civilization or the idea that is America. Carlson is a great speaker but words won't save us. And one person won't save us, even as a symbol. If America is to be saved it will be by the people who took reasonable action in the face of covid-19 hysteria. Not the maskers, or social distancers or lock-down maniacs. But the people who, in the face of mass hysteria never lost their common sense reasonableness. Unknown to the public except in their actions to meet the needs and wants of their customers. These people don't need our "support", they earn our patronage.

    1. Very astutely put Brian. Not many would admit that it is the people "In the Face of" .. that will have to be the real weight behind the shift to address the imbalance and the solution will revolve around a process of decentralization that will allow the available pool of common sense to direct new processes that will counter centralization.

  3. "Carlson is terrible on trade but"...

    Yeah, the libertardian dream of outsourcing everything to elsewhere. This is why I'm not a libertardian. It would be horrible if America manufactured it's own drugs like anti-biotics, masks, medical stuff and other things, right? Granted, there would less 'profit' in that for someone, but nothing better than no jobs for Americans.

    1. We "outsource" production because of something called "comparative advantage." Look it up, fool.