Friday, July 24, 2020

The Cancel Culture is Going After The Wall Street Journal Opinion Page

Wow, the cancel culture that is destroying The New York Times is also focusing on The Wall Street Journal.

There are apparently hundreds of wokists at the Journal and they are apparently making their move.

The Journal opinion page put out these fighting words:
We’ve been gratified this week by the outpouring of support from readers after some 280 of our Wall Street Journal colleagues signed (and someone leaked) a letter to our publisher criticizing the opinion pages. But the support has often been mixed with concern that perhaps the letter will cause us to change our principles and content. On that point, reassurance is in order.

In the spirit of collegiality, we won’t respond in kind to the letter signers. Their anxieties aren’t our responsibility in any case. The signers report to the News editors or other parts of the business, and the News and Opinion departments operate with separate staffs and editors. Both report to Publisher Almar Latour. This separation allows us to pursue stories and inform readers with independent judgment.

It was probably inevitable that the wave of progressive cancel culture would arrive at the Journal, as it has at nearly every other cultural, business, academic and journalistic institution. But we are not the New York Times. Most Journal reporters attempt to cover the news fairly and down the middle, and our opinion pages offer an alternative to the uniform progressive views that dominate nearly all of today’s media.

As long as our proprietors allow us the privilege to do so, the opinion pages will continue to publish contributors who speak their minds within the tradition of vigorous, reasoned discourse. And these columns will continue to promote the principles of free people and free markets, which are more important than ever in what is a culture of growing progressive conformity and intolerance.
Without knowing the internal politics of the paper, this is alarming. Sulzberger letting wokists slip into the Queer Black Lady is one thing but that there are so many wokists at the Journal is stunning.

The wokists are everywhere and they are trained to destroy.



  1. Cancel culture preys on the weak minded. If your status comes from within, comes your evaluation of self and no one else's, then cancel culture cannot affect you.

    In business, you must take the consideration of others into account. But far too many conflate giving considetation of consumer preferences with consideration of customer opinions. Cancel culture thrives in business because of this confusion.


  2. "And these columns will continue to promote the principles of free people and free markets..."

    -- "...when we're not supporting the mass murder of people overseas and the theft and distribution of income at home."