Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The Big Question About the Safety of Masks

There are two things common about all the mini-Maos who have been ordering their subjects to wear masks.

The first is they always say that they are using "science" to make their decisions.

The second thing they do is magnanimously grant exemptions to the mask-wearing order for those with medical conditions.

But if they grant these exemptions based on "science" then this implies they know that masks somehow impair normal breathing.

The thing to ask them then, the big question, is:
What is the science that tells you how masks impair breathing so that you provide exemptions on medical grounds?
Next time you run into a mini-Mao, ask. I have put out emails to some minis asking the question. If I get any responses, I will publish them.



  1. So fun! Can't wait to make someone squirm on this one!


  2. This is a bit like the federal minimum-wage legislation having an exemption for the disabled, showing that the authors understood that the legislation would have a disemployment effect on the lowly productive.