Friday, July 31, 2020

On the Herman Cain Death and COVID-19

The death of Herman Cain has given the fear mongers another opportunity to spread terror throughout the country.

But there is one thing about all those Herman Cain died of  COVID-19 headlines.

From the front page of The New York Times:

WebMD reports:
In 2006, Cain received a diagnosis of stage IV colon cancer. In his book This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House, he described how the malignancy had spread from his colon and how doctors found a tumor on his liver.
Cain also described his treatment, which included chemotherapy and surgery on his colon and liver.
It appears that he completed his chemotherapy in 2007, however, Cain certainly appears to fit the general high COVID-19 death profile of an elderly man with a complicated medical history.

He may have very well died of COVID but there is nothing to suggest that he had a healthy enough system to fight off the virus. His profile does not fit children nor most of the working class.

Cain very well may have been foolish to have been in large groups given his medical history but this has nothing to do with most of us.



  1. You are right...Cain fits the profile of a guy who was ripe to die of COVID-19. He was old (74) and he had a weakened immune system from extensive chemo (which destroys immune systems). Quite frankly - he was an idiot to go to that Trump rally as he was almost the poster boy for the relatively, few kind of people who should actually self-quarantine themselves from COVID-19.

  2. We also do not know if he was taking immune boosting supplements and getting lots of hot summer sun. We don't know if the hospital he was at knew their ass from a hole in the ground about Covid. Dr. Pierre Kory says that the usual "treatment" for ARDS (accute respiratory distress syndrome) is a non-treatment leading to the massive death toll and that his group has a successful treatment. Did Cain receive that treatment? It's criminal the way the media and government hide all evidence of preventatives and treatments. From late May:

    "Pierre Kory, MD, MPA Medical Director, Trauma and Life Support Center Critical Care Service Chief Associate Professor of Medicine University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

    Members of our group have now treated in excess of 100 hospitalized patients with our treatment protocol. Nearly all survived, The 2 that died were in their eighties and had advanced chronic medical conditions. None of the patients have had long stays on the ventilator nor become ventilator dependent The patients generally have a short hospital stay and are discharged in good health.

    ABSENCE OF EFFECTIVE NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS: Before I go into the process and rationale for our treatment protocol, I want to highlight three critical factors that we feel are contributing to the COVID-19 crisis which we call upon the health societies to address: 1) The fact that nearly all national and international health societies such as the WHO, CDC, ACP, ATS, and many others have issued treatment recommendations focusing almost solely on “supportive care only” strategies, things like Tylenol for fever, gentle hydration/nutrition then oxygen or a ventilator to support breathing.. THIS STRATEGY IS CLEARLY FAILING AS EVIDENCED BY UNPRECEDENTED DEATH RATES AND WIDESPREAD AND LIFE-THREATENING SHORTAGES IN VENTILATORS, ICU BEDS, AND ICU PHYSICIANS AND NURSES. OUR EARLY RECOGNITION OF THE FAILURE OF THIS TREATMENT APPROACH IS WHAT PROMPTED US TO FORM OUR GROUP."

  3. Click and cluck journalism.

    Put out headline "Man didn't care about Covid, and know he's dead!"

    The lemmings click. And cluck.


  4. Also notice that the media, including here, is pointing out every time someone who doesn't wear a mask so much as tests positive. As if there are no mask wearers among and likely a majority of those who make up the millions of "cases".