Saturday, July 18, 2020

NOT GOOD: Another Democratic Socialist Victory in New York City

Marcela Mitaynes
Democratic Socialists of America–backed candidate Marcela Mitaynes has defeated Assembly member Felix Ortiz, who conceded the race Thursday.

Ortiz had held his Brooklyn Sunset Park seat for 26 years.

Naturally, Mitaynes, a tenant organizer, received an endorsement from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At the federal level, AOC backed insurgent Jamaal Bowman, who has unofficially defeated veteran Rep. Eliot Engel, and Mondaire Jones, who won the open Westchester congressional seat to replace the retiring Rep. Nita Lowey.

Not good.

These are all politicians who think they can micro-manage the economy and society. They hate freedom.



  1. Over the last couples of months I have spoken to several people where I live that are former NY residents and they say all their family members and many of their former business partners are getting out of dodge. The only thing that is holding back some is finding a buyer for their homes

  2. She looks like someone that takes very good care of herself, body and mind. I can't wait to hear her ideas on how I should run my life.


    1. Well, David, you said it, but I certainly was thinking it.

  3. You people are missing the point. It's not her or those that voted for her that are the problem. It's the Fed. The Fed is destroying the economy under mountains of debt...and the wealthy are making INCREDIBLE amounts of money....and leaving everyone else behind.
    That is why this woman got elected. People are getting desperate and have no idea that the Fed is to they are resorting to extremism to try and get back what they are losing.
    There are other reasons - but if the Fed ended today? After the huge recession/depression that it would bring. America would be back to a relatively free market economy again. And most of this progressivism nonsense would go away.
    The Left is not the enemy.
    The Federal Reserve is.

    1. The Left is an enemy also.

    2. Maybe to you. Not to me. Making enemies and hating people gets you nowhere. We are all Americans. Hate is useless.

  4. Another politician who will be very generous with OTHER PEOPLE'S money.