Thursday, July 23, 2020

'Nice White Parents'

If you don't think the radical Marxists in America don't think they are winning and can push the advance, just take a look at this insanity:



  1. The most powerful force in public schools is obviously the teachers unions. And they mortally fear charter schools.

    Thomas Sowell's latest book "Charter Schools and Their Enemies" was published recently on his 90th birthday. Google for reviews. Here's one:

  2. As a nice white parent of two nice white little girls, let me tell you how wonderful it is. As the anti-nice anti-white crowd spends all their time worrying about us, my wife and I just keep improving at everything, including being parents. The gap between us and and the anti-white folks continues to widen. Literally every idea they have is counter productive and widens the gap. Even confiscatory taxation hurts them more than it hurts us.

    Keep it up, wokes!


    1. You obviously haven't imbibed the Smithsonian's view of what wrong with you.

    2. Keep it up David and perhaps like many more of us hated whites you will home school with an eye to ending the indoctrination and your girls will live evebn better lives than they do now.