Wednesday, July 15, 2020

National Retail Federation President Pushes for Retailers to Adopt a Nationwide Mask Wearing Policy

Matthew Shay
There are woke freaks all over the place.

The president of the  National Retail Federation trade group wants retailers to adopt a nationwide policy that requires customers to wear masks, and hopes Walmart’s decision to do so would galvanize other companies to take similar action, reports Reuters.

“Shopping in a store is a privilege, not a right. If a customer refuses to adhere to store policies, they are putting employees and other customers at undue risk,” the NRF says.

It appears the president of the NRF, Matthew Shay, has gone totally woke.

Shay writes at Linked-In:
Racism is a real problem in this country, and we all share the responsibility to address it. It requires leadership in the municipal, state and federal levels of government, in our schools, our places of worship, our businesses and our homes, so we can work together — honestly, transparently and inclusively — to find solutions.
The retail industry will play a significant role in healing these divides on race and in implementing the changes needed in this country...On NRF’s part, we are committed to aggressively moving forward with an actionable program that is resourced and robust.
We pledge:
  • Virtual support groups, town hall forums and trainings for colleagues to listen to, learn from and connect with one another
  • A Diversity and Inclusion Council for NRF staff to address and advance equity within our association
  • Up to one week of service opportunity for staff to volunteer their time throughout the year
  • Employer-matched contributions for employee donations to social justice causes or organizations of their choice, up to $100,000
  • Opportunities to boost the retail industry’s response by convening thought leaders, sharing best practices and instituting measurable outcomes
Racism and social injustice in America are a tragedy. NRF and the retail industry can and will play an important role in bringing people together to have meaningful conversations while seeking verifiable solutions that will result in lasting and sustainable change.
BTW, Matthew "Mister Diversity" Shay follows only white influencers and one Hispanic, no blacks, at Linked-In:

What an idiotic "fail to cover all phony bases" poser.



  1. It sounds like retail stores have lost their focus on catering to consumers. I have noticed this with many businesses these days, and seems to be an additional consequence of the COVID and Woke compliance focus. Unfortunately, these companies have a lot of power when they ban together under lobby groups like the National Retail Federation. Yet another consequence of corporate socialism.

    1. Yeah the consumer is seen as irrelevant these days so I cant wait for the retail/service industry blood bath of bankruptcies and disbelief when they wonder why they go under.

      Its the consumer stupid! Welcome to the buying Nuclear Winter.

  2. Our best hope is an executive order from Trump banning enforcement of mask policies.


    1. With all due respect David that's one of the most socialistic responses I've been seen, so you want the federal government to tell private businesses how they should address covid-19. The marketplace can handle this just fine. Is company A requires a mask worn inside and company B doesn't, don't shop at Company A. Or buy from Amazon or use instacart. Problem solved

    2. Great response. Our problem can't be solved by politicians enforcing "correct" rules of retail because that is what they are doing with lock-down and mask mandates. It also isn't just business capitulating to these statist mandates. I have asked several local businesses to resist these mandates for their own health and the employees inform me that if they don't wear masks their customers (not to mention fellow employees) inform the police. Some customers try to shame other customers and this opens the business to lawsuits. Unfortunately our judicial system is costly and not reliable for rational outcomes. The hysteria is widespread and businesses are caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Andrew Murphy's suggestion is a good one but it does tend to favor the internet business model. A more challenging response would be to continue to communicate your objections to the mandates while also patronizing brick and mortar shops.

  3. Looters welcome!!! But wear a mask!!

  4. Boilerplate SJW, PC, BLM blather. A more appropriate comment would be: we pledge to provide the highest quality goods at the lowest possible price within an environment that is clean, safe, and inviting. We hold this position because we recognize that the consumer (that's you) is king. And without you (the consumer) we would have no reason to exist.

  5. The only thing I'm enjoying about all of this "wokeness" is watching these CEOs slit their own throats, because that's what they're doing by supporting this crap.

  6. So, it appears that the mask really is nothing more than a symbol of Bolshevik support, like wearing a red star, based on the way he is conflating the two issues of BLM BS and mask wearing. On Monay, when Walmart begins their mandatory mask program, I think I will go in and if they challenge me, I will tell them I have a medical reason that I cannot wear one and if they push it, I will threaten to sue them for violations of the ADA, discrimination and violation of OSHA standards. If that doesn't work, I will go in with a gas mask and full biosuit, since I really need to protect myself from a nearly benign virus that is 1/1000th the diameter of the pores in those useless masks.

  7. To really combat racism, I'm surprised that the NRF hasn't recommended that stores only employ and serve non-whites.

  8. Who cares what they do. Brick and mortar is dead, dead, dead. In the 1980s and 1990s they built malls everywhere they could and even expanded existing ones. Even pre COVID-19 they were empty most of the time; now they have been closed for a few months and are dead. Who in the world could pay the sky high rents; most stores in a mall were just open to pay rent to the landlord and not making any money. In my area there are four major malls that opened within the last few decades, within a 10 mile radius, on top of the two malls that were already present. The old US steel part became a WalMart in the city, to go along with the Walmart to the south, north and east of the city. One of the two original malls has been torn down for commercial space and condos; that is how well retail was doing. Now I can stay home and order online and never, ever have to go into a store again or follow their useless rules on what I must or must not do before I am 'allowed' into their store.

    Also, a lot of retail revenue is people buying useless stuff that they can't afford to impress people that they do not like. No more eating out all the time in expensive restaurants either. And the make work jobs of people to support this is all gone now.

  9. If the NRF wants more of its members to lose business to Amazon, this is a great way to do it. My state had a mask mandate, and I've already decided to move more of my dollars online.

  10. I wear my mask everytime I go to a store and I would appreciate it if everyone else would wear a mask too. I believe that we have to do everything we can to stop the spread of Covid 19 an save all of the people that we can.