Thursday, July 2, 2020

Major League Baseball Has Lost Its Mind...

...instead of allowing me to attend a game, I am going to be allowed (at a price) to have a cutout of me at the game.

I just received this from the Oakland Athletics:

A's fan, 
Don't miss your chance to be at the Oakland Coliseum this season. In accordance with local health and safety guidelines, unfortunately fans will not be permitted to attend games, however, you can still grab a seat at the game with our Coliseum Cutouts program. Upload a photo of yourself in A's gear and you may spot yourself in the stands while watching games on TV this season.

You can purchase a cutout for $89 per cutout or a special Foul Ball Zone cutout for $129. If a Foul Ball Zone cutout gets hit with a foul ball, we will send you that ball. Plus, with every purchase of a cutout, you’ll also receive two complimentary tickets to our first exhibition game at the Coliseum during the 2021 season. Proceeds from Coliseum Cutouts benefit the Oakland A's Community Fund.

Coliseum Cutouts will be authenticated and recognized by MLB as official "virtual fans." Due to limitations, not all sections and rows are available for this program and we cannot accommodate seat requests. Your cutout will remain in the ballpark for the 2020 regular season and you'll have an option to pick it up following the season. Please note, we cannot guarantee the condition of your cutout after exposure to weather and outdoor elements.
For best practices on submitting your photo, please reference our Photo Submission Guide.
Buy Your Coliseum Cutout

Once you receive the link in your confirmation email at the completion of your purchase, please upload your photo online. If you complete your purchase and upload your photo by July 5, the higher the likelihood we can install them before the first home game.
While it won't be the same without you there, we're excited to highlight the best fans in baseball during this memorable season. Thanks for your support.

Play ball,
Dave Kaval
Oakland A's President

Nothing from the San Francisco Giants yet. I will keep you posted.



  1. Pathetic. Baseball forgot how bad the strike hurt them.

  2. My local bakery has a sign on its door that says “WE WANT YOU TO WEAR A MASK IN THE BAKERY BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU.

    So RW, keep on the sunny side, and Feel the love emanating from the Oakland A’s.

  3. Just think what you'll save on parking and kielbasa. (If you're an Oakland fan like I am, you'll get the reference)
    Thank God I got to see Rickey play in person (a lot).
    BBBB (Bye Bye Base Ball)
    Still stuck in FLA.

    1. My brush with Mr. Henderson's greatness was during his first stint w/the Padres during the mid'ish 90's. I was in the right field stands with a long time friend from Oakland, he shouts something at Rickey about not hustling for a fly ball that resulted in a base hit. Rickey turns around slowly, holds up his glove and points to one of his concealed fingers. Either that or he was sending a reminder about his golden gloves.

  4. Supercross just finished the second half of their season – seven events at one stadium with no fans onsite. They did the fan cutout thing. It was disgusting.

    Photo of “fans” in background

    Monster Energy Supercross Launches SX SuperFan Cutouts

    Supercross Round 16 at Salt Lake City | 450SX EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 06/17/20 | Motorsports on NBC

  5. Oh, yeah, let me just line up to pay to NOT attend a game. Apparently, the inmates are indeed running the asylum.

    The major league sports can kiss my backside. Sheesh.

  6. Does anyone have the 113 page safety manual for the NBA bubble? I hear it is very juicy with stupidity, but I can't find a full copy online.

    It should be noted that Carl Bergstrom was an advisor to the NBA's plans. If you don't know who that is, he is one of the leading academic frauds that predicted herd immunity would need to be 70% (oops Carl, it's only around 15!) and a 0.9% iCFR (oops, gonna be around 0.3).

    Carl also tweeted a comparison that not wearing a mask or social distancing was like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute.

    He really understands the risk!


  7. This totally sums up today's society, where it's all about drawing attention to yourself in shallow form, rather than with deep substance.

  8. I think I prefer the South Korean model -

  9. Oh, sure! Write me down for two: one standing and one taking a knee.