Saturday, July 25, 2020

Leaked Copy of Walmart Memo to Its Ambassadors About Masks

Target Liberty has obtained a leaked memo of how Walmart ambassadors and store are to treat customers who decline to wear a mask.

You apparently can get a pass on wearing a mask because you don't want to because of your age (in the memo an age is not specified), because of religious beliefs or health conditions. And they push a little harder and bring a store manager into the situation if you just state you don't want to wear a mask but it appears they will eventually let you shop without a mask if you are just adamant about it.


 (ht JB)


  1. In smaller environments it is difficult to resist. I went to my own doctor's office. They are nice people. The receptionist asked me to put on a mask. I told her I have chronic shortness of breath as evidenced in my own medical records at that office. I told her she could check my chart if she doesn't believe me. She refused to check and said it's an absolute requirement to wear a mask. So I told her that I would try to wear a mask solely out of courtesy because I didn't want to scare her or make her nervous. She gave me a mask. I put it on, turned away and promptly pulled it off my nose and mouth and covered hid my face with a book until I was called back in to see a PA.

  2. The pressure to wear a mask from both the people and the government is so high I just see most business action in this regard as doing what it takes to keep business flowing and staying out of trouble. Walmart allowing non-masked shoppers confirms that.