Saturday, July 18, 2020

He Died Praising a Marxist Front Group

Congressman John Lewis has died.

In its obituary, The New York Times reports:
[A]fter the killing in May of George Floyd, a Black man in police custody in Minneapolis, Mr. Lewis welcomed the resulting global demonstrations against police killings of Black people and, more broadly, against systemic racism in many corners of society. He saw those protests as a continuation of his life’s work, though his illness had left him to watch from the sidelines.

“It was very moving, very moving to see hundreds of thousands of people from all over America and around the world take to the streets — to speak up, to speak out, to get into what I call ‘good trouble,’” Mr. Lewis told “CBS This Morning” in June.

“This feels and looks so different,” he said of the Black Lives Matter movement, which drove the anti-racism demonstrations. “It is so much more massive and all inclusive.” He added, “There will be no turning back.”
One of the greatest errors that the overwhelming majority of blacks have made and continue to make is to turn to politicians and politics to gain advancement when the only paths to such are hard-work and entrepreneurship.

Lewis was a life-long politician that they looked to.



  1. "...the overwhelming majority of blacks..." Maybe this was true in John Lewis' district but what evidence is there that this is generally true throughout the U.S.? I see many hard working blacks who understand the value of hard work. The EEOC legislation that has been passed was passed by opportunistic whites. I am not convinced that the majority of blacks are reliant on politics for advancement.

  2. BLM is nothing but a bunch of angry, lazy, none-too-bright, progressives/Marxist's who are trying to use race as an excuse to get everything they are too lazy and/or stupid to get by earning it. Systemic racism in America was dead by the 1990's. BLM is WAY too late. And the more they talk, the dumber they sound and the faster most people will get sick of them.