Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Biden Photographed with Kamala Harris Talking Points

Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday was photographed holding handwritten notes with Sen.  Harris' name at the top along with a set of talking points about her, fueling fresh speculation about the California Democrat's standing as a vice presidential running mate, reports CNN.

According to the network, the notes, which were photographed at a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, feature Harris' name followed by five talking points: "Do not hold grudges," "Campaigned with me & Jill," "Talented," "Great help to campaign" and "Great respect for her."

Of course, Harris is a lefty but from the batch of lefties Biden's handlers could pick from, she is probably the sanest. (Not a high bar given the group around her).

AS I have written before, I view her more as a crony opportunist than a Marxist ideologue.

Whatsmore her father, Donald J. Harris, is a professor emeritus of economics at Stanford University.

He had a fairly undistinguished career (probably a diversity hire) and appears to be a mainstream Keynesian economist.

I have heard Kamala speak a few times here in California and she occasionally throws in an oddball, for a lefty, free trade type comment, which I attribute to a "daddy influence."

I also view her strong personality and overall toughness as a potential counterpoint to the Marxists around Biden.

Harris would be the best of the worst from the Biden VP candidate pool and with Biden's mind shot, the VP pick is going to be very important.

Biden's campaign says Sleepy Joe will announce his pick next week.



  1. Politico appears to have accidentally leaked the pick already:


  2. Kamala Harris is not sane at all.

    1. She is a total police state supporting bitch too, isnt she?

      Her and Biden are a peach of a combo for wokists...


  3. A copper! How do you like that boys---a copper! We're going to have a copper as VP, soon-to-be Prez...
    [ insert James Cagney scene here: ]