Friday, July 3, 2020

Anti-Beach Lockdown Autonomous Zone Established On Venice Beach

This is awesome.

 An “Independence Day Autonomous Zone” has been established on Venice Beach in Los Angeles to highlight the state and city’s new draconian and hypocritical lockdown restrictions. Venice Beach, along with several other beaches in Southern California, have been closed by the county during Independence Day weekend in an effort to “slow the spread” of  COVID-19

A massive 30 foot long banner has been placed across the beach declaring the area free from the county’s beach closure orders (see above)
The Autonomous Zone is led by guerilla journalists and podcasters Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney.

 “Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti have encouraged and even participated in mass protests with thousands of people in the streets.  They’ve allowed looters and rioters to overwhelm many of California’s biggest cities and Mayor Garcetti even joined thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters in a protest without wearing a mask.  If Garcetti can protest with a crowd, families can go to the beach,” McAleer said.

McAleer said the “Autonomous Zone” is a piece of opinion journalism and that the banner is a play on the Black Lives Matter protests and autonomous zones that have been staged across the country with little condemnation from politicians and public health officials.

“Eric Garcetti took part in a protest without a mask. Over 1200 “Public Health Officials” signed a letter saying that it was okay for Black Lives Matter protests to go ahead while at the same time that they were closing down businesses and families wanting to enjoy the beach. If it is okay to be at a protest then there is no scientific evidence that suggests that Californians should be banned from the beach on Independence Day weekend,” said Phelim McAleer

McAleer noted that the beach closures were more about optics than about science, “Closing the beach isn’t about saving lives -- it’s about stopping the pictures of ‘packed beaches’ from overwhelming social media and embarrassing our politicians.  We believe that policy decisions should be based on science and not spin.  That’s why we will create an ‘Independence Day Autonomous Zone’ on the beach so families can enjoy their weekend outdoors if they choose.”