Monday, July 13, 2020

An Anti-Semitic Has Some Confusion About My Views

Humanum Genus sent this comment along for the post, The Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate on the COVID-19 Panic:
This is old news. I posted this to you last week, but since i jokingly asked if this type grovelling to absurd govt edicts was a 'Cohen-cidence,' you deleted my comment. Apparently, despite all your pontifications on the topic, you're actually scared to death of being seen to in any way tolerate so-called 'racism.' 🙄
Well, that is what you get for posting goofy stuff such as  'Cohen-cidence.'

I have to clear lots of comments and so when I see something goofy, I don't read beyond it. The delete button really speeds things up.

Let me state clearly my view on anti-semites and racists which I have stated before: I think they are goofy. I really don't want my blogs to be taken over in the comments section with that goofy coprolite. When someone new comes to the site, I don't want them to get the impression that nutty stuff is predominantly discussed here. I occasionally let a nutjob comment go through so readers can get a sense of some of the nutty objections to a post, but it is never going to dominate the comments.

For the record, four of the most important economists of all time, who have had a major impact on my thinking, are Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Israel Kirzner and Walter Block. They are all Jews. But, hey, if you have a thing against all Jews, don't read them.

In fact, why don't you boycott everything created in the market place by Jews. Don't let them in your house or do business with them. I have no objections to your doing this. I don't want the government to prevent your nuttiness if you don't violate the NAP. That's how my tolerance works.

It doesn't mean I must allow you on my property or in my house to babble bullshit.

In fact in my post, About My Racist Friends, My Homophobic Friends and My Own Prejudices, I made clear:
The complexity of the world is such that we all have transactions with all kinds of people, but we tend to limit interactions to mutually beneficial aspects. At the restaurant where I have bacon and eggs every morning, there is a nice little old lady who is the cashier. We exchange pleasantries every morning, but I can't imagine our worlds ever intersecting far beyond that. For all I know, she spends her time off at some knitting club, which frightens me with boredom just thinking about it. What we have in common is likely very little.
If someone spends his entire day walking around with a swastika on his arm and ranting hate about Jews and blacks, I am going to spend little to no time with such a person, just like the little time I am with a little old lady who knits all day.


  1. Are we able to post facts or are they goofy too? An obvious example is that Jews are wildly overrepresented in the Media, Entertainment and Hollywood. And that they use that power to push a Cultural Marxist agenda. Are we allowed to state those facts? I guess we'll find out.