Saturday, June 27, 2020

What Mainstream News Media Doesn't Tell You About the "Soaring" Number of COVID-19 Cases

There are three different entities that test for COVID-19. They are Public Health Laboratories, Clinical Laboratories and Commercial Laboratories.

Over the last 9 weeks, the number of people being tested has skyrocketed, yet there has been little in terms of a severe spike in positive cases as a percentage of those tested. We pretty much have flatlined as a percentage a few weeks ago, with somewhat of a climb in youth. But this is only because hardly any youth were being tested in earlier weeks. What is going on is that there is a tiny bump now as they are catching youth with very mild symptoms or no symptoms that weren't tested in the early weeks.

It is extremely dishonest to promote the idea that there is some kind of new wave or that the initial wave has not subsided. It clearly has.

Take a look for yourself.

Below is the data from the Center for Disease Control's very own web site detailing what is going on which is that more people are being tested ( a lot more) and so more cases are being detected (at the very low current infection rates). Note: There appears to be a decline in testing for the last week shown on all three charts but I suspect that is because data is still coming in for the week.

The bars show the number of those tested and the lines are the infection rates (which have collapsed).

And this:

Also, I should add that Houston appears to be a genuine hot spot. This can occur but is easily explainable for that city:

But there is this:


  1. I too don't understand what all the current panic is about. An increase in the number of cases, absent a spike in deaths, is a GOOD thing: it brings us closer, faster, to herd immunity, which is the only thing that will stop the spread of the virus and allow volnerable people to resume some semblance of a normal life.

    The only explanation that makes sense to me is that governments like the populace to be afraid, as Mencken pointed out so eloquently nearly a century ago.

  2. Very interesting stuff. Great research. The "spikes" hysteria is wearing the public out. They are exhausted and capitulating, begging for it to end. It's a dangerous time to be a free thinker.

  3. Increased testing cannot explain increasing positive % of tests, nor can it explain increasing rates of hospitalization.

    1. You need to think this out more. Increasing hospitalization can certainly be attribute to more tests in hospitals for patients arriving for other reasons. And detecting more asymptomatic patients can explain higher positivity rate.

  4. Testing "positive" for COVID-19 does NOT= becoming seriously ill w/ respiratory symptoms attributed to COVID-19, nor likely to die. Most people - those w/ healthy immune systems - experience nothing more than mild flu-like symptoms; many have no symptoms at all. But Gov/State pols & bureaucrats w/ their MSM supporters keep fanning fears of death in those who keep ignorant of human biology that has evolved in a world of vast numbers of microbes. Learn & rid yourselves of fear by regaining & maintaining good health.

  5. Confusing causes and consequences. The rate is still low because a lot more people are getting tested, the majority of which have even no symptoms. A much smaller number of people were testing when test availability was an issue, therefore testing was reserved for people with symptoms, hence the percent positive rate was much higher. Positive rate among tested is meaningless, positive rate among entire population is. As far from everyone was tested in the early days it is hard to get good numbers. Total deaths are the only good indicator - you’ll see in two weeks. “Free thinkers” - free from brains that is.

    1. Breathtaking just how many Corporate Media Zombified people are out there, "free from brains" At least free from critical thinking ones. :-(