Wednesday, June 10, 2020

What a 911 Call is Going to Sound Like After the Police are Defunded



  1. A Minneapolis hotel has already been forced to turn into a homeless shelter:

    Apparently, the owner wasn't given much of a choice:
    "Activists had received the tacit permission from the owner Jay Patel, who was confronted with the alternative of evacuating his hotel and having it possibly burned down as nearby buildings on Lake Street went up in smoke. When it opened, organizers said it would be theirs to keep, believing they would receive funding from non-profit or government agencies to run the hotel as housing for people experiencing long-term homelessness."

    The owner is now trying to evict them.

    The activists even have a GoFundMe that has raised $162,000 for support of their "sanctuary":

    Strange how GundFundMe will allow this where these people are trespassing and destroying a hotel, but won't allow support for a restaurant in Birmingham because the owner disagrees with the protests and riots.

  2. I don't like everything the police does, but there few viable alternatives.

    Here, he refers to a Federalist article and his own experiences in Africa as a soldier.