Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tucker Carlson is a Very Brave Man

#TuckerCarlsonIsARacist is trending on Twitter.
All Carlson is doing here is objecting to the looting and destruction and saying that the looting and destruction is not about black lives.

Is he not right? This doesn't strike me as racist. He is arguing for civility. Who would really want to be against that other than those who want to destroy western civilization?

But they are going to go after his advertisers to take him down for this.

 The Left does not tolerate opposing views.

 Instead, they will attack the speaker of opposing views and viciously label him.

 I repeat, once again, we are living in very dangerous times. We are in a march toward Mao's Cultural Revolution which led to the deaths of millions and millions.



  1. Last night's show was grim and sobering, as he sounded the clarion call against the imminent Bolshevik Revolution 2.0.

  2. This is why I spit on open border libertardians. Duh-versity simply does not work overall. Yet, libertardians truly think we should let anyone in anytime. Too bad America is not 90% awesome white European population.

    1. Doesn’t antifa and the leftist anarchist groups consist of 90% white Europeans?

    2. Haha. Great point.

      You could also point out the poorest state in the USA is the whitest (West Virginia)

  3. When people on the left are panicking about covid screaming about 100,000 dead, some conservatives, who invariably think of themselves as serious-minded people, thought to ask the obvious question of how many people die usually? Whats the typical rate, so we can make a comparison? Like an adult.

    Suppose we added up the value of all the property destroyed or looted in the past week. How does this number compare to the value of the property the cops loot and destroy all the time? I have never seen this comparison made. Where are all the serious-minded conservatives making level-headed, dispassionate quantitative comparisons, like an adult?

    Where has "Brave Tucker" been while the police have been looting and murdering people, in clear defiance of his beloved constitution? Why are thug cops never seen or portrayed as looters far more prolific than any of these losers stealing from Best Buy?

    "Brave Tucker" has been a tireless champion of the deranged kidnappers at ICE. How much have these thugs looted?

    Conservatives are so full of shit, and the punchline is that they experience themselves as serious, tough grownups. It's soooo stupid.

    There is no problem with riiters Nd looters that won't be solved by the 2nd amendment. The cops don't give a shit about your property and they definitely won't protect your person. Why do so many "small governmwnt" people turn around and felate the cops at every turn? Who do you think is going to come seize your property when you don't pay your taxes and the court order comes down? Antifa or the sherriffs department? The cops roll through town with tanks, and the wanna be tough guys around just stop on their pushy boots and go running into the arms of the cops.

    I thought this was a libertarian page. At best I see recovering statists struggling to avoid relapse.

    1. You make good points. However I doubt the riots and open criticism of the police are paving the way for a return to Liberty or Constitutional Government. Guess we'll see.

    2. Oh thats definitely not where this is headed. But the losers stealing consumer electronics are not the End Of America. The police state that all the dumb schmuck invite into our lives in response is.