Sunday, June 7, 2020

They Got Him: James Bennet Resigns as 'New York Times' Opinion Editor

Apparently not concerned how this would hurt his feelings, the new order snowflake staff at The New York Times has put so much pressure on James Bennet and the paper that he has resigned. 

Bennet was the editorial page editor of The Times. He resigned following controversy that emerged after he published an op-ed by the lunatic Senator Tom Cotton (See: The Civil War at The New York Times).

The age of opposing commentary on the page opposite the editorial page is gone.

 A. G. Sulzberger, the publisher, did not back up Bennet and allowed the snowflake lefties to gain more control of the paper.

“Last week we saw a significant breakdown in our editing processes, not the first we’ve experienced in recent years,” said Sulzberger in a note to the staff. In a brief interview Sunday afternoon, Sulzberger added: “Both of us concluded that James would not be able to lead the team through the next leg of change that is required.”

This country is collapsing rapidly.

As Michael Goodwin writes at the New York Post:
In a lecture at Hillsdale College last year about the erosion of standards at The New York Times, I borrowed a memorable exchange from Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises.”

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asks. “Two ways,” Mike responds. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

For the Times, “suddenly” has arrived. Its standards are now bankrupt.

The revolt of the paper’s newsroom over the publication of Sen. Tom Cotton’s op-ed and the craven surrender of management marks the end of any semblance of basic fairness. The gradual metamorphosis of the Times from a great newspaper into a leftist propaganda sheet is complete.

Stick a fork in the Gray Lady.



  1. Life is not symmetrical. The collapse of the Times is initiated by an Op - Ed by Tom Cotton, one of the World's biggest assholes.
    It's all going to Hell in a hand basket. I just want to stay out of the way. Bahamas opens in 3 weeks.

  2. Like Saturn, the Revolution devours its children.

    Jacques Mallet du Pan, (1749 – 10 May 1800)