Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Phony Lockdowns Exposed by the Riots

John Nolte writes:
The hideous Gretchen Whitmer, the hideous Democrat governor of Michigan, spent weeks gleefully punishing her own constituents for the sins of going to church, buying garden seeds, getting a haircut, and holding house parties… Anyone who dared ignore Gretchen’s Kafka-esque outlawing of the very things that make life worth living, were harassed, fined, arrested, and basically terrorized by the State — all in the name of the threat of the coronavirus.

And God help those who dared protest her tyranny, God help those protesters, who she shamed, blamed, and used to extend her anti-science lockdowns.

Well, well, well — will you look at the hideous Gretchen now… Suddenly large gatherings and the coronavirus is no real problem in Michigan! How else to explain why the hideous Gretchen all of a sudden turned around to support large gatherings (unless, of course, you’re going to church).

So we can at least thank the rioters for exposing the hideous Gretchen for the tyrant she really is.

What’s more, after the rioters encouraged her to come out in favor of large gatherings, Gretchen’s entire rationale for lockdowns collapsed to a point where she finally surrendered on Monday and put an end to them.

Thank you, rioters!

And then there’s Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who led by example to prove lockdowns and social distancing are purely political by taking it to the streets! Yep, there she was, a walking-talking (but not very bright) piece of proof America’s political class know these lockdowns are a joke… There she was protesting outside the White House on Saturday with a large group of people who were definitely not practicing social distancing… There she was, openly violating Washington DC’s lockdown orders…

Once again, let’s thank the rioters for exposing the truth.

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