Monday, June 22, 2020

The Dangerous Employee Temperature Checking at the San Francisco Apple Store

The outdoor cafe outside the Apple store in downtown San Francisco is open again.

This weekend I had a coffee there. While there, I noticed the Apple employees checking in.

Apple, which now always poses on Steve Cook's watch, was at it again.

The employees had to have a temperature check but the damn thing looked pretty absurd to me.

As you can see in the picture above, the employee doing the checks was wearing rubber gloves but the virus stays active on rubber gloves longer than on skin.

Why would you want to expose all your employees to this?

Further, the temperature checker put his temperature reader directly on the forehead of the employees coming in. If an employee didn't have his mask properly secured and had active COVID-19, he could have easily transmitted it over the top of his mask on to the glove of the temperature checker.

And then the temperature checker puts his gloved-hand close to the forehead (and eyes, a potential entry point of the virus) of the following employees.

It appears Apple has introduced COVID-19 roulette at its San Francisco store, probably all of ther stores.

Of course, this is only a concern if you buy the hysteria, that Apple apparently does, that COVID-19 is some kind of serious threat to mankind.



  1. Tim Cook is the CEO.

    However, I'm with you, all of this is absurd.

    Always appreciate your work here, Robert.

  2. I'm old enough to have hung out with Jobs and Woz (the two Steves) at the Homebrew. I always knew that Apple was not that strong technically, but VERY strong in marketing. Tim Cook is an embarrassment.
    So, two years ago, I figured well, Jobs is dead, I'm gonna short AAPL because, well, DEAD. I got my clock cleaned, my shorts SQUEEZED. For amateurs like me, go long.

  3. Not just Apple unfortunately. I just started working in an Amazon warehouse and we undergo a similar procedure. It reminds me of the security theater at airports.

    1. I call it pandemic theater after TSA security theater. It's just one nonsense thing after another that makes some people feel good and expands the busy body power of the state.

      If this were a real Andromeda Strain or something we would all be dead with practices like this.