Monday, June 29, 2020

Stanford Nobel Prize Winner on the 'Stupid Lockdown'

The masses have been triggered by politics and propaganda. Sound science has not even been taken into consideration. Below Nobel Prize winner Professor Michael Levitt of Stanford speaks truth about COVID-19. It is just a bad flu.



  1. Excellent. Would you believe I turned on CNN and this clip was running there? I was astonished and delighted, but just as I popped a Champagne cork, I woke up...

  2. Prof. Levitt is offering a rather mixed message. Early he is quoted as saying the "stupid lockdown" but near the end of the second video he says "I'm not against lockdowns..." He just wants them based on science. This is very dangerous.

    It is the coercive nature of lockdowns which has caused the hysteria and incredible damage we see before us. No small group whether scientists or bureaucrats or politicians could ever understand the spread of viruses or their interaction with individual human immune systems well enough to be able to proscribe the best action for each individual.

    Most people were reacting logically to the annual virus season and the potential threat of a new virus. In January and February people were staying home if they felt ill. They were keeping their distance if they had symptoms or saw another person had symptoms. They were generally practicing good hygiene. And they were doing so at a rate and in proportion to their particular circumstances. Then the experts, like Prof. Levitt produced reports and models which projected millions of deaths. These projections had little science and were often based only on opinions but they were produced by experts. They scared the pants off of many people who are still frightened. The fear led them to accept the irrational action of lockdowns. The lesson should be to use experts for specific information but never let them dictate action for every individual case or situation. Each individual must assess their own risk. Freedom of choice for every human is vitally important because we are each unique and one size fits all is a disaster.