Monday, June 29, 2020

Something for Those Wearing Facemasks to Consider

Via Laurence Vance

A further comment:

In San Francisco, there is around 98% compliance with the order to wear masks indoors at all times when not at home and outside within 30 feet of another person.

I don't wear a mask outside and have never been challenged though a person will occasionally move to the very edge of the sidewalk when we pass each other as though I have just been diagnosed with ebola.

Indoors, I generally wear a mask, I would definitely get challenged here but I only put the mask on below my nose and no one says anything. There are others who do this. Wearing a mask below the nose solves most of the problems listed above.

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  1. I wear a mask when shopping, just to be polite. I'd like to try to educate people who have bought into the fear, but not so much that it overrides wanting to get out of the store with as little hassle as possible.

    When hiking, on the other hand, I neither wear nor carry a mask; I'm oxygen-deprived enough just huffing and puffing my way up the mountain. A majority of other hikers either wear masks continuously or pull one up when they pass me. I'm sorry if they think I'm irresponsible (I do step off the trail to let them pass, so I've got THAT going for me), but I draw the line there.

  2. This is beyond "being polite". It is a violation of our civil liberties. Masks for now, the mandatory Bill Gates vaccine coming this fall. Do you actually think giving these monsters this power will only be temporary? "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

  3. I am very much against masks & read many mask studies. it's all garbage . The experts admit masks nothing, they actually increase the risk of covid & it's like strapping a petri dish to your face. We recently bought some face shields and for the occasional needed compliance with this "placebo theatre," face shields are a very great alternative.

    note that both the facemask & face shield manufacturers state in bold text right on their packages that the masks & shields offer absolutely no protection from COVID19.

    It's all an open scam for anyone who's not literally retarded.

  4. I almost never wear a mask. To Hell with the mask-nazis.
    My home office requires one when going in or out of the building, but once I'm at my desk, I take it off. And most days I work from home.
    At grocery stores and other places, I'd say about 5% don't wear one. At Dunham's Sports the other day, it seemed that 25% were not wearing one. And of course, store employees and restaurant waitresses all have masks, but they have the nose peeking out, or they fiddle with it, pull it aside to talk. I told one pretty waitress I'd give her a 30% tip if she'd pull her mask aside and let me see her smile and say "Governor Whitmer sucks!" (which she did).
    I had a pharmacist tell me the other day I had to have a mask on to enter his tiny pharmacy, but I told him I'm oxygen deprived (not really), and he backed off.

    1. Anchorage’s mayor, a small time wanna be dictator, just made masks mandatory in Anchorage. I haven’t talked to any friends there to see how that is going over, but here in Fairbanks, we have been to several restaurants where no one is wearing masks, no tables are spread apart, people here just don’t care. We had the worst (harshest) winter in almost 50 years, we had snow until May, and had -50 to -60 below zero for weeks. Fairbanks was in shelter at home just like every winter. We now have our 3 months of 24 hour a day sunlight summer, and people just don’t care. Baseball games, race tracks, farmers markets, theaters, everything is pretty much normal, except the few exceptions, like Costco, which requires masks, although people have been rebelling against that too.
      But we all are waiting to see if the State will try to force us into lockdown round 2, and we do have a lot of commies here since we have a university.
      There will be straight up rebellion here if they do try.
      Everyone I talk to knows it’s a scam, and they all say “f the state”. And they mean it. We won’t put up with it again.

  5. I mostly don't wear the face diaper in stores. When I do, I also pull it under my nose. Foggy glasses otherwise.

  6. I sometimes wear a mask and below the nose it goes.

  7. Haven’t ever worn one, won’t ever wear one. Unless I am doing something at work that I feel the need to wear one. Nothing to do with corona though.
    The other day a gal at the door of my physical therapy building told me I was required to wear one. I asked “since when”. She said, “since this thing called covid-19”.
    I asked her if it was required to enter the building, since this was week 3 of my therapy and I hadn’t worn one yet. She simply demanded I wear it and held one out to me. I told her “nope” and walked off to my PT, and she threw the mask to the ground and yelled “fine”!!
    I am not mean, nor impolite. But I am not going to be told what to do.
    My sons just flew back to Alaska from Idaho, they were “required” to take a covid-19 test and sign a paper that they would quarantine for 2 weeks. The line to take the test was long, and they were herded with the crowd to the testing area, at which time my sons just walked through the fenced off testing area and left. No one said a thing to them.
    They did say one other passenger, who they said was a “pretty big dude” walked up to guy directing people to be tested, and said “This is American, and I’m free to leave”. And he walked out too, along with 20 or so with him.
    It’s voluntary. The word mandate is misleading.
    Everything you do is voluntary. No one, can force you to do anything. They can hurt or kill you, but you, You can not be forced to obey them.
    Decide now that you won’t. You can’t wait until you are faced with the choices you will have to make to decide. Things are not going to blow over or get better.
    I won’t obey. My kids won’t obey. There are thousands, maybe millions, maybe even the remnant that Nock speaks of, just needs you to stand up and refuse to consent. Most of these people are chicken sh!ts anyway, and while they try to be all superior, because they have the backing of the State, they back off quick when they get push back.
    Live free or die, death isn’t the worst of evils.
    Or, get out of the US while you still can.