Thursday, June 25, 2020

Radical Explains the Plan: Takedown the Entire System

Jaiden Grayson 
PJ Media is reporting on a leader at the Seattle CHOP.

Jaiden Grayson told independent journalist Ami Horowitz she’s there to disrupt:
Every single day that I show up here. I’m not here to peacefully protest. I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met. You can not rebuild until you break it all the way down. Respond to the demands of the people or be ready to be met with any means necessary. By any means necessary. …
According to PJM, Grayson has been criticized by her own followers for not being at CHOP all the time. She says she’s busy buying weapons for her people.

I explained this type of thinking more than 5 years ago during protests at that time:
It is instructive to understand, who is taking part in these protests. The overwhelming majority are generally outraged over the police killings. This group includes students from nearby colleges, aging hippies and assorted northern California lefties...

 [T]here is another group that infiltrates the protests, anarchists.

These are not Rothbardian anarcho-capitalists, who see problems with governments, banksters and the ruling elite, but see no problem with corporations operating in the private sector (who are not part of the elite). These are full-fledged anarchists, who believe the entire structure of society must be torn down, including,corporations who operate in the private sector and have no strong ties to the government.

A friend familiar with their thinking tells me that they believe that once the entire structure is torn down, out of the ashes, phoenix-like, a new wonderful society will emerge. Thus, they see their current role as being one of wreaking havoc to advance the collapse.
In addition to using street protests, these types have infiltrated the educational system, Mao tech and mainstream media.

The top leaders are very skilled Marxist revolutionaries. This is why they are able to get so many useful idiots on the streets supporting their agenda and in mainstream America.

But they are extremely dangerous. They should not be supported on any part of their agenda. Their call for a defunding of the police is not a call for a libertarian style private police. It is to advance the collapse of Western Civilization.

It is about power. They are moving to consolidate power and gain as much educational, political and corporate power and influence as they can right now. For them, it is first and always about controlling others. Do not fall into their trap on any given piece of their agenda.

I wouldn't support them if they came out in favor of Mother's Day.



  1. These people only know how to fight. Step aside and let them exhaust themselves swinging at the air.

  2. They are the biggest terrorist threat facing the country in a long time. They want to storm their cities and backyards and kill each other fine. But you cant let them get a foot hold outside their enclaves

  3. I'm cautiously optimistic that this madness will largely burn out before long. Yes, the MSM distorts it, and no one can deny that a cascade of corporations have lined up to express solidarity with the mob, but my sense is that the vast majority of white Americans feel no guilt whatever over the plight (99% self-made) of blacks today.