Sunday, June 14, 2020

POLL: "Black Lives Matter is Most Popular Political Organization in the Country"

According to a Civiqs poll, 53% of Americans support Black Lives Matter, and only 25% oppose it — a 12-point increase in support since mid-April, reports Bloomberg.

 By a double-digit margin, BLM is more popular than either Donald Trump or Joe Biden. As political scientist Drew Linzer noted: BLM “is the single most favorably viewed national political organization or politician in America right now.”

This only means that like the COVID-19 panic, most people have no contact with the facts and the statists are very effective in getting their distorted message out in a very simple manner.

Black Lives Matter has a very dangerous anti-capitalist, anti-Western Civilization agenda. SEE: Some Background on the Black Lives Matter Organization



  1. Do they support the sentiment, "Black Lives Matter" or the organization, Black Lives Matter or do they not know the difference?

  2. "Black Lives Matter has a very dangerous anti-capitalist, anti-Western Civilization agenda."

    Yet libertardians advocate for open borders which would in turn cause to be overpopulated with communist turd world trash.

    1. I'd rather have cheap labor than a police state.

    2. You will have both: communists will immediately create police state, as they always do, and you will be their cheap labor. I mean, their only expenses on having you to work would be some concentration camp garb and some gruel.