Wednesday, June 17, 2020

MIT Chaplain Resigns Over Email Saying George Floyd Didn’t Live ‘Virtuous Life’

Rev. Daniel Patrick Moloney
The Only Blacks Matter movement gets another one.

A Catholic chaplain at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has resigned after sending out an email about George Floyd, reports The New York Post.

In the email, Rev. Daniel Patrick Moloney questioned whether Floyd’s death should be framed as an act of racism.

"I don’t think we know that," Moloney said. "Many people have claimed that racism is a major problem in police forces. I don’t think we know that." He noted that Floyd should not have been killed but "had not lived a virtuous life."

Of course, the Archdiocese of Boston played the main role in the ouster and bowed to OBM movement thinking that perspectives, which are not in line with OBM thinking, require the person promoting them to be canceled.

“While Fr. Moloney’s comments should not reflect on the entirety of his priestly ministry, they nonetheless were wrong and by his resignation he accepts the hurt they have caused,” archdiocese officials said.

Suzy Nelson, an MIT vice president and dean for student life, sent an email to students calling Moloney’s comments "deeply disturbing."


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  1. I think the Thirty Years War is the template for what's coming. Right now windows are opening all around the country, and everyone is waiting for the next defenestration.