Sunday, June 14, 2020

Michael Milken: Even If There is a COVID-19 Spike in the Fall It May Not Damage You

Wearing a sweater apparently borrowed from Bill Gates, Michael Milken, recently pardoned by President Trump, discusses various therapies and vaccines coming for COVID-19.
What is it with these "retired" billionaires?



  1. Suppress testosterone to prevent death from covid-19!! Now masculinity is not only "dangerous" to women it apparently promotes male death from covid-19. The hysterical search for cures is astounding! Rather than his billionaire status I suggest his personal bias is due to being scared out of his mind by a prostate cancer diagnosis some years ago. Prostate cancer has been linked to high levels of testosterone. The problem is that these personal biases can get turned into mandates when the promoter has billionaire status. Humans have much in common but each person has a uniquely individual health profile and one-size-fits all is not effective or safe.

  2. No mention in the interview or on Milken's site of the most effective thing you can do to minimize the effect of the coronavirus on you: get your serum (blood) Vitamin D level up. A terrific post on this is at .

    There the 'Clinical Outcomes' chart says that getting your level above about 33 ng/ml will tremendously reduce the odds that you have more than mild symptoms if you contract the virus. The last graph says that if you get your level above 34 ng/ml your chance of dying of it goes near zero; this based on a study of 780 patients. This ought to be shouted from the rooftops.

    No pharmaceutical company is ever going to make big bucks from Vitamin D3, so it has always been downplayed by the medical establishment. If you Google it with 'Covid-19' you will pull up warnings about overdoses (which requires a high dose for a long time), claims it doesn't help, even a data-free article from the Lancet dissing it. They are doing their best to quash it as they've done with hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Raharusun, the author of the preliminary paper published in April, died in May at the age of 57. See where they announce his death but give no details. Hmmmm.