Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Is the "Anti-Blackness Problem" the New COVID-19 Panic?

I have discussed racism before and the desire to change it: About My Racist Friends, My Homophobic Friends and My Own Prejudices.

My view hasn't changed.



  1. This is sickening.

    It's the continuation of the massive guilt trip that white liberals, during the 1960's civil rights movement, laid on themselves. They believed they were as responsible for slavery and the post slavery Jim Crow laws as the white people who actually committed those crimes. They've taught their children and grandchildren well.


  2. I'm would have no problem rounding up gays, blacks, whites, yellows, browns that hold leftist views and put them in concentration camps.

    I really don't care about most blacks since most of them are worthless anyway. I don't care gay rights and I'm ok with them being discriminated against especially if they are leftist.

    And I don't care for women with stupid tattoos.

    White Europeans will always be superior overall to other cultures and races.

    1. Are you even aware that you have zero credibility or commonality with, or respect from, the people who frequent this site?

    2. And the history of government crushing liberty in the US has mostly come from those with "White European" backgrounds! Think Hamilton, Lincoln, TR, Wilson, FDR, LBJ, etc., and all of the "White Europeans" who have consistently given their support to the growth of statism.

  3. The future citizens of New Jonestown.

  4. You treat 'stupid' people badly just because they are born less intelligent then you deem worthwhile?
    You are little better than a Nazi who deems a Jewish person sub-human do strictly to their religious belief.
    You are a sad man...I prey you did not procreate.

    BTW - before you write me off as stupid...my government tested IQ is 125. ALmost everyone is dumber than I am. Yet I would NEVER judge someone badly simply because they are 'stupider' than I.
    Good day...you sad, empty vessel of a man.