Friday, June 26, 2020

HEROIC: Tom Brady in the Face of the COVID Babies in Sports Media

James Soloman emails:
ALERT subscriber here.

I thought this might be an interesting article for you to post and discuss on Target Liberty.  ESPN is shaming Tom Brady for working out.  His reply back to the media was pretty epic IMHO.

His reaction on twitter to the folks that are upset:

 “No excuses,” he wrote on Tuesday.


James adds:
His response that was mentioned in the article:
"Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself..."
I'm no Roosevelt fan, but I thought that was a perfect response to the shaming.



  1. Although I am crushed he is no longer a Patriot, in uniform anyway, man, I still love Tom Brady.

  2. Wow, what whiner O'Conner is really something. He makes one assertion after another that Brady is wrong, but never provides even a hint of evidence for his position. Perhaps that's because all the hysterics have is raw fear? Hooray for those, like Brady, who flip them off.