Monday, June 8, 2020

Corporations Really Need to Shut Up About the Current Social Unrest

I am really sick and tired of corporations posing in agreement with the lefty radicals that want to destroy the country.

This email from the Chairman and  CEO of Macy's is a perfect example:

Dear valued customers, 
Macy's is proudly “America's department store.” Beyond the products we offer, the parade and the fireworks celebrations, our company will ultimately be known for the values we exhibit. That starts with fostering an inclusive, welcoming community-one that believes, and acts on a principle that everyone is created equal and deserves our respect.
The death of George Floyd is sadly just one more incident of racial injustice, including those against Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, along with countless others. The grief, frustration and anger that we have seen is understandable. And as a company, we are committed to do our part to end systemic racism. 
This week we hosted a virtual Town Hall attended by over 5,000 of our colleagues across the country. Several opened up with remarkable vulnerability and honesty about their experience of being Black in this country, in our company, and in the streets. About the difficulty of living a life on guard all the time, of teaching a young child to do the same.
Of constantly explaining why Black lives matter.
As our customer you are part of the Macy's family, so we are sharing some of our learnings from this Town Hall with you here
Thanks for listening. We will continue to keep listening, too-every day.
Jeff Gennette 
Chairman and CEO of Macy's, Inc

It certainly makes no sense for corporations to speak out against social trends but it makes less sense for these entities to join the social trends on the side that wants to tear down the very system that makes corporations viable.

I am no fan of government police. I wrote a book about it, Foundations of Private Property Society Theory: Anarchism for the Civilized Person, but it must be understood that the Black Lives Movement is much more than a movement against police brutality. It is, at its core, about anti-capitalism.

It is positively absurd for Macy's and other corporations to give any credence to this movement in any way.

They are literally marching themselves to the guillotines.

Concern about racism in the United States has taken on the same hysterical levels that the COVID-19 panic has taken on.

Yes, people died from COVID-19 but, in general, the deaths were in line with flus. There was nothing to panic about. Yes, there is some racism (not very much) in America and there are very bad cops. But it is not the case that a black person who does a decent job as a laborer or as a professional is not going to see plenty of opportunities.

Whether it is racism or COVID-19, the problems are being blown out of proportion by those who want a centrally planned society. These are the people that are even more dangerous than racism and COVID-19.

These people are extreme power-seekers, they will ignore logic and reality to gain power---that central planning has led to hundreds of millions of dead means nothing to them.

They are extremely savvy tacticians and strategists who know full well how to blow-up an incident into the appearance of a major crisis that moves the masses one step further in the direction of totalitarianism.

Corporations need to shut up and not become tools of this advancement.



  1. It is amazing that these corporations have so much money that they can afford to give the middle finger to so many of their potential customers.

  2. I have not seen evidence the Floyd killing was inspired by racial differences. There are other possible motives. It appears Floyd and Derek Chauvin and worked together at a club. Chauvin does not seem to have a history of violence against other blacks in the police force where he worked for 18 years. 3 black officers were at the scene of the incident, yet did not intervene. Chauvin may have had a vendetta against Floyd from their past for reasons as yet undiscovered. There's much to be known before a motive is determined. Michael, http://TheREBT.Life.

    1. There is only one thing you can be certain of: the "official" story is a lie.

    2. One theory is he was taken out because he was going to expose a counterfeiting operation that he and Chauvin were a part of. The men in black suits decided to film it and generate a little social unrest. If you’ve ever read “The plot to kill King” or “Mary’s Mosaic” then you understand how complex their operations are.

  3. It is sad to see such weak thinking at the executive level. Didn't Marx say something to the effect that capitalists would sell the rope used to hang them. Ayn Rand called it the sanction of the victim.