Thursday, June 18, 2020

Coppers Walk Out in Atlanta

Following news that Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard has charged  Garrett Rolfe with felony murder, Atlanta police are walking out.

 Rolfe fatally shot Rayshard Brooks during a scuffle last week after Rolfe tried to arrest Brooks for driving under the influence.

During the scuffle with Rolfe and another police officer, Brooks grabbed one of the officers taser guns and ran. He then proceeded to shoot a taser at Rolfe who returned fire and killed Brooks.

I am told that coppers are trained to consider a shot at them with a taser as the use of deadly force and that they may respond with gunfire.

Rolfe could now get the death penalty because of the Howard charge.

Here is what is going down on the streets

And then there is this:

The country is on the edge of a breakdown largely because of decades of Lefty influence in government that has destroyed respect for civilization and rational thinking. Trump is the wrong guy to solve this kind of problem.

The radical Marxists behind the curtain smell blood.

There is an awful lot wrong with coppers but I fear the Marxists behind the curtain much more.

The takedown of coppers now is not going to lead to a Rothbardian world. It will lead to some form of Mao-style Cultural Revolution, where a tyrant, not afraid to kill, will emerge.

Don't get sucked into this anti-cop movement.


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  1. Snowflake alert! Waaaa! We can't shoot people at will? We're taking our ball and going home.