Friday, June 19, 2020

Chick-Fil-A CEO: White People Should Shine Black People’s Shoes to Show a ‘Sense of Shame’ and ‘Embarrassment’ for Racism

I write once again that I do not believe these CEOs bowing to the Black Lives Matter movement have any idea as to what they are doing.

BLM is a Marxist organization intent on destroying western civilization. They come out of the postmodernist and the critical theory school of thinking that wants to destroy western values. They reject reason and logic as simply tyranny by white men.

This kind of nonsense is how every deadly socialist movement started, be it Mao's Cultural Revolution, the Nazi movement which had amongst its strongest supporters school teachers and Lenin with his useful idiots.

Most Americans are not racist and have nothing to be shameful about or be embarrassed about when it comes to race.

The Marxists behind this coprolite are very skilled tacticians and strategists. You will never be able to please them if you are not in their inner circle---and you are not. It is about a power grab where freedom has no place. Cathy and Jeff Gennette will have no chance under such a system. These people are not playing around.



  1. Shining shoes was once an honorable profession. As a child I watched these men in admiration, their movements so deft and efficient. When I polished my shoes I thought of them. They were the standard.

    This video is a repulsive mockery of good work and a degradation of human dignity.

  2. Black isn't a race,it's a ethnicity,a country is a mass of land with a name, not a person.Individual people do bad things because they have bad intentions, there not a society. They the ones that did this to certain people should apologize not anyone that didn't engage in this type of behavior.

  3. what Western Civilization? It is gone...

  4. After having previously written off the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, Lady Antebellum, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseam, because of their gutless and cowardly groveling and embarrassing genuflecting before the democrat/socialist/communist BLM scum which would embarrass even the likes of Trent Lot, I am please to add Chick-Fil-A to that inauspicious list. Am I surprised? Hardly, I knew when they caved to the LGBGTQ+ (or whatever ridiculous acronym they are using now), a few months ago, it was just a short matter of time until Chick-Fil-A capitulated totally to the assorted sexually perverted and deviant movements. While Dan Cathy has taken upon himself to advise "Christian white people" on repentance and contrition concerning our "white privilege", or whatever, I would like to ask him where was this heartfelt and burning desire for "justice" before these thugs and punks began burning down his restaurants? Two words come to my "white privileged" mind: Coward and Hypocrite.