Friday, June 19, 2020

Black, Asian And Minority Ethnic Groups Could Be Among First To Get Coronavirus Vaccine

Matt Hancock
Black, Asian and minority ethnic people could be among the first to get a Bill Gates-pushed coronavirus vaccine, British health secretary Matt Hancock has said.

Well, it is the first time I am glad they get this "special treatment" instead of me.

Speaking at a Downing Street briefing, the minister confirmed two groups had been recommended for priority vaccinations when one is discovered and manufactured, reports the Huffington Post.

The joint committee on vaccination and immunization has said frontline health and social care workers and those “at increased risk” of death or serious illness from Covid, including adults over 50 and those with heart or kidney disease.

But he added that BAME people could also be included in those to get the treatment first.

“Just as we did for testing, we will be guided by the clinical science prioritizing those in most need,” he said, adding those named by the joint committee would be among first.

He added the government would also consider BAME groups as a priority for a vaccine, saying: “As we learn more about the virus we will continue to take into account which groups may be particularly vulnerable – including, for example, those from ethnic minority backgrounds – so that we can protect the most at risk first, should a vaccine become available, and get this country back on our feet as soon as we possibly can.”

To my BAME friends, please let me know how this all works out.

Please note, Bill Gates is on record that BAME populations are growing too fast.



  1. They claim to "follow the science," (translation: the science that supports our political position, not the other science), but show little intellectual curiosity about why some portions of the population might be more vulnerable than others. Bill Sardi has been quite explicit that blacks are more deficient in Vitamin D than whites, and that Vitamin D is critical to a healthy immune system, so wouldn't Vitamin D supplements be cheaper and safer than (rushed) vaccines?

    The official view here is similar to how the political class deals with recessions; it's not important to understand why they occur, only to be seen to act!

  2. Fine with me if others serve the role as canaries in the coal mine, and experimental guinea pigs.

  3. All this planning over something that does not exist! Advance orders for injection needles, legislation introduced mandating inoculation: it's all over a fantasy! Huge numbers of labs have been trying to make coronavirus vaccines for many years, always without success. Maybe a workable COVID-19 vaccine will come out in a timely fashion, but I'd bet against it.

    Vitamins D and C, with some zinc: nearly free and strong evidence suggests they powerfully inhibit serious infection from the virus. Yet if they're discussed at all by the government or MSM, it's to dismiss their effectiveness. The mildest thing one can say is that this is very sad.