Saturday, June 6, 2020

A Libertarian Consideration of the "Defund the Police" Movement

There is certainly a good chunk of the libertarian movement that would like to see the end to government police.

The anarcho-capitalists would for one. And with my advocacy of the private property society, I can certainly be counted in the anti-police camp.

But both the anarcho-capitalists and PPSers support private property and have no problem with private police protecting private property.

They view the current government police structure as a very bad alternative and the potential to be very dangerous.

Thus, on a surface level, the "Defund the Police" movement appears attractive.

However, it must be recognized that those promoting the defunding movement are hardcore lefties.

They are the last people on earth that would support private property which is at the very core of the PPS philosophy and for the PPS cousins the anarcho-capitalists.

Thus, one has to be extremely suspicious of this defunding promotion. What needs to be asked is: What are the government police going to be replaced with once they are defunded?

The answer from the lefties is not likely to be anything close to free markets, free enterprise and private property. It will be about more control by lefties---and likely more taking of the private property of others not in their power group. It will be lefties gaining control of central power guns and the muscle.

Thus, this particular movement must be rejected since it is not moving toward freedom but most likely a more totalitarian center of control by power freak lefties who will do more to destroy civilized society than anything else. It will be worse than what we have now.

Yes, defund the police and all of government but do not do so with the aim of building a new power structure that will be more suffocating than the present one.

Government power needs to be choked not shifted to a different group of power freaks waiting in the wings.

Thus this post should not be considered pro-government police. But rather anti-lefty attacks on the police.

The police can be very dangerous and should generally be avoided but what the left would bring in as a replacement would be much worse.

The left, in control of force, would be as dangerous as current government police, even more so. They would, without question, use their replacement for police to crush opposition and suffocate freedom.

We are in a very dangerous period. Liberty does not have many friends out there right now.

The "Defund the Police" movement is, unfortunately not a friend.



  1. Yes not a true abolish, but rather a takeover of security just as we have seen them do with education, media, tech, et al. Govt Cops can then be fully tasked with enforcing harmony, equality, vaccine compliance, dietary rules, etc. and do so by baton, taser, gun and cage.
    Planet earth is hurtling towards becoming one big lethal next door app

  2. I'm confused. Right now, people with whom I haven't contracted rob me of my income and use it to pay for other people to act as violent enforcers of legislation that I don't recognize as legitimate. The "Defund the Police" movement will differ how, exactly?

  3. The lefties for many many years dismissed and derided libertarian arguments and methods for diminishing, reducing, or eliminating government police forces. The only reason they wand to abolish government police forces now has to be that they intend to replace those government police forces with their own political enforcement groups. Without an enforcement arm all lefty polices would fail for each one ends in 'or else'. Something must be there to provide the 'or else'

  4. It will usher in full militarized alternatives that wont stand with the populace at all.