Thursday, May 14, 2020

Working From Home Is Taking a Toll on Our Backs and Necks

Aaron Zitner at The Wall Street Journal reports:
With millions of Americans now working from home, many are finding that they haven’t nailed the basics, ergonomically speaking. They are slumping on the couch with laptops, then slumping again to watch TV. They’re sitting on beds, necks strained from staring down at cellphones. Many have ignored widely available tipsheets on how to set up workstations at home.

The result: Weeks of poor posture have led to backaches, neck pain and headaches, say physical therapists and other practitioners who are fielding more complaints.

When the American Chiropractic Association posted a survey on its Facebook page recently, nearly 200 members, or 90% of those who answered, said their patients were experiencing more pain since stay-at-home rules went into effect. The North American Spine Society, an association of physicians, reports that exercises to reduce neck pain were the second most viewed item in April on its website for patients, up from fifth a year ago.
It is absolutely idiotic to give central planning orders that cause major shifts in people's lives and think you have all the consequences covered.

As the Nobel prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek would say, it is a fatal conceit.


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