Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Useful Idiots Freak Out Over Non-Facemask Wearing Human Who Isn't Part of the Herd Panic

Staten Islanders did the mini-Mao over the weekend in a grocery store. They tryed to drive out a person not in panic over COVID-19.


(ht Chris Rossini)


  1. Wow what a bunch of fascist chimpanzees. Disgusting.

  2. Why should they all care; they were wearing masks? Unless they think that the masks don't work. Then why wear them?

    1. Because "you should be down on your knuckles like us; how dare you assert your freedom".

  3. Doomers gone wild with misplaced fear and rage...like a mob of howling, mouth-breathing peasants with pitchforks and torches, clamoring for blood...

  4. One of the commenters on the tmz site claims that this unmasked customer became agressive when asked to wear a mask and spit on store employees which is the real reason why these mask wearing customers ganged up on her until she left.