Thursday, May 7, 2020

Two Great Takes on the Jailing in Dallas of Shelley Luther For Operating Her Salon During the Lockdown

Tucker Carlson, followed by Viva Frei, are excellent in the clips below in defense of Shelley Luther who did nothing but attempt, in Dallas, to open up her salon to willing customers.

She was jailed by Dallas judge Eric Moye.




  1. We are living in a de facto Police State.

  2. The Texas tyrants that should be imprisoned for violating their own laws backed down. Must be afraid of the political back lash for jailing and fining an innocent person. Texans need to tell them it is too little too late.

  3. Unlike almost all journalists and commentators, Tucker Carlson is pretty much the only one left in major media who "speaks truth to power".

  4. If ever there was a non-essential business, it is government. Society can exist and function well without it.