Thursday, May 14, 2020

Trump Says He Will Mobilize the Military to Deliver Vaccine

This is what happens when you have a president who has no underlying principles, no appreciation of liberty and no concerns about growing government involvement in the country.

The U.S. military will distribute doses of the Covid-19 vaccine when there is one, President Trump said, according to Reuters.

“You know it’s a massive job to give this vaccine,” Trump said in an interview with Fox Business. “Our military is now being mobilized, so at the end of the year, we’re going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.”

This is damn scary on many levels.

First, there is no way to know the negative consequences of a rushed vaccine.

It is awfully dangerous to look at the military as a source to interact with the general public and get them used to it.

Putting aside, for a moment the unknown dangers of the vaccine, why can't the vaccines be administered by doctors and pharmacists?

Just call Trump the bumbling tyrant.



  1. Not to mention that many of the folks pushing this vaccine are the same people pushing population control. Will the vaccine contain hidden chemicals intended to sterilize us like those women in Kenya?

  2. Wenzell--

    It was only a few weeks back when you voiced your support for the President claiming absolute powers because you acknowledged that you shared his end goal in that case (compelling states to re-open). See:
    Tuesday, April 14, 2020: "Donald Trump vs. The Tenth Amendment and Why I Support Trump Today" At the time, you opined that "I am not doing this on some legal grounds or principles but on a realpolitik position." Today you are now opposing the President claiming authorities over the states and the people because you do not, in this case, support his end goals. Perhaps this is the dilemma you run into when you yourself have "no underlying principles."

    1. Exactly correct. This is one reason why we need to return to biblical principles for society.

  3. The military (active and reserves) are the natural organizations to administer these. They will be able to have "security" at the inoculation sites and can detain anyone who resists. Let the "crazy" constitutionalists try to fight. That is just what the Network wants to cull them from the equation.

  4. Vaccines to "protect our freedom".

  5. It would have been far more worse under a Hildebeast administration. Always remember that libertarians want open borders which means more disease from the turd world. RW also likes the idea of all these turd worlders living 20 or more to a house except in his neighborhood. Funny that no discussion is made of the living arrangements of those immigrant meat packing employees.