Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Resistance Tells Karen: 'Get Out of the Way, Karen!'

The below clip is just awesome, though I must point out that I wouldn't be cheering them on if they were doing this on private property.

But it was done on public property, El Toro High School, Lake Forest, California, and I consider all public property open land, the wild west of a sort.

The kids are our future and there is no indication they are paying any attention to government officials.

 (ht Chris Rossini)


  1. Who's being belligerent?
    Reminds me of this one time back in the '90's, when me and the kids were shooting Estes rockets up from the local high school football field. On Saturday.
    So this proto-Karen drives up and screams that she's gonna call the Poe - leese. I politely informed her that what we were doing was completely legal (it was), but she insisted on berating me. I then said, well then call 911, they'll be thrilled to hear from you, tying up the emergency line to report people having fun. (H/T Mencken).
    Huff Puff, drives away.
    Nice move, bikewise...

  2. He stuck the landing, and the video! Awesome!
    That Karen just can't believe the liberty being exercised right under her nose, despite her squawking.