Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The "New Normal" in California: Crime Scene Restaurants

Power freak California Gov. Gavin Newsom has issued a 12-page guideline document for when he deems it safe for Californians to eat-in at restaurants.

One guideline requires that restaurants find a way to reconfigure their dining rooms to maintain 6 feet of distance between diners at different tables as well as restaurant employees.

The San Francisco Chronicle comments on this latest central planning order from Newsom:
Some restaurants have fixed furnishings they can’t move — but the results might not be the most inviting.

“You can’t exactly pull a booth out, so you have to put a big X on the table,” said George Chen, owner of San Francisco restaurants China Live and Eight Tables, imagining how some restaurants would implement the social distancing guidelines. “It looks awful. It’s like you’re in a crime scene or something.”


  1. Dining out is about more than just food. You're paying a premium for an experience. I wouldn't pay a plug nickel for this sort of experience. I'm beginning to fear dining out is a thing of the past for me.

  2. Where did this magical and superstitious 6 foot rule come from anyway? I have not seen or heard scientific justification for it. To anyone with half a brain left it is clearly literally impossible to arrange society and human interaction in this way.

    I work in a small liquor store. Yesterday a saw customer flailing around in place as he couldn't figure out how to get by another human being while maintaining anti-social distancing protocols. Anyone who has OD'd on fear porn and takes this stuff that seriously has a legitimate mental illness at this point. The psychological damage caused by this lock down will be just as destructive as the economic fall out.

  3. As worthless as a multimillion dollar federal study to determine why dogs eat shit.

  4. As a Texan visiting Simi Valley this week, I can tell you that Californians are complying with this crap alot more readily than Texans.

  5. How soon before swarms of government enforcers are sent hither and yon with tape-measures, measuring the distance between diners? Or maybe they'll use some subtlety by employing a laser-measure. I can hardly wait to see a conspicuous red dot appear on my wife's forehead as we're finishing our salads...