Sunday, May 3, 2020

Texas Park Ranger Pushed Into Lake While Trying to Enforce Social Distance Regulations

A Texas park ranger was pushed into a lake while trying to enforce social distancing regulations in Austin, Texas.
It is going to take mass protests to flip government positions but this is interesting.

The resistance is getting real.

Of course, some thought the ranger was "nice" in the manner he was enforcing the authoritarian measures.

“The park ranger was actually being really sweet and understanding before,” the video-taker said, according to KXAN.

Brandon Hicks was arrested for the push.

Brandon Hicks


  1. There are lots of weed smokin' anti-authoritarian hippie types in Austin.

  2. You shouldn't have hassled him, Barn'.

  3. I'm sure there were some sweet, pleasant guards at Auschwitz too, "just following orders"...