Friday, May 1, 2020

Protesters Ignore Gov. Newsom Ban and Flock to California Beach

Large crowds opposing the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home mandate took to the streets of downtown Huntington Beach today, a day after Governor Gavin Newsom ordered Orange County beaches closed, reports The Orange County Register.

Protesters gathered near the Huntington Beach pier shortly before noon. The tightly packed crowd, with most people not wearing protective masks, repeatedly chanted “U.S.A.” as they waited for the demonstration to begin.

Slogans on hand-held signs included, “All jobs are essential” and “Freedom we the people,” along with criticism of Governor Gavin Newsom and media outlets, according to the Register.

You are a pretty dumb politician when you try to ban people from having fun and tell them to go back to their rooms, especially when the temperature outside is near 80 degrees.



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  1. Absolutely outstanding!
    By the way, I was at the (so-called) Huntington beach pier "riots" in 1986. There was a surfing competition and I have no idea what started it but the story at the time was that someone pulled down a woman's bikini top and it escalated into chaos from there . All I know is that cops were insane and attacking everyone. Including swinging their batons at me (I avoided the impact). I wasn't bothering anyone or rioting, I was simply at the beach with some friends . The chaos lasted what seemed like all day. I'm glad that the Huntington beach police seem to have much more restraint today than they did in 1986. πŸ˜’